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MVP Wireless

MVP Wireless

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Weight: 75g

Sensor: 3370 (1mm LOD).

Battery life: 64hrs* (with no rgb)

Switch: Kailh 4.0 on all buttons from m1-m5 (not DPI button)

Feet: 100% non-dyed, white PTFE feet

1000hz. USB charging cable, USB receiver. Software available. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Feels the same as wired

I recommend this mouse, especially on a sale, it's a solid mouse that functions well and has a wmo neutral shape that works with most grips.

Can't notice much difference in weight compared to the wired version. I feel like the wire is too flimsy and it would often go under my mouse. Now that I got the wireless version I don't get that issue 😉
Clicks are good on this mouse. No issue with the scroll wheel.
The only criticism you can say against this mouse would be the rgb doesnt light up some of the colors you set in the software and the software is bare bones. But! You don't need it to be great cause what's important if functionality.
Because I am a hard critic, I'll take away a star for the simplicity of the software, which I wouldn't say is completely a good simple. Resource use and interactive use are the most important things, and I think it can be better for the interactive portion. There isn't much in it to take resources from your computer.
The rgb I think it's nothing special, it's there. And the software doesn't do much with it. It would be nicer if you can get more detailed with the colors. They wash together and some colors don't show up.

Extraordinary build quality.

I hardly ever leave a review but this mouse deserves it.
Gamesense is not that well known in Europe but Maxgaming and Gamegear carry the brand and recently added the wireless version.

This is not the lightest “new trend” gaming mouse but at around 70g it surely isn’t heavy as well.

But the build quality is at the very pinnacle here, topping big players like Logitech and top brands like EndGameGear and this is coming from a huge fan of both these brands. Very comfortable shape as well.

This is one of those devices that puts a smile on your face, you know the feeling.

Eilon W.
Unfortunately unusable for me

While the mouse build very well and looks premium, for my type of grip which is fingertip its not good. to the point i cant use it

Nike Y.
Gamesense MVP

It goes very well with Radar. A good mouse.

Graham Q.
Amazing mouse with a few issues

Everything about the mouse is perfect for me. Shape, weight, sensor, and the clicks are 10/10. But the mouse did have some issues.

My copy had double clicking issues, I raised the debounce which fixed the problem.

The second issue I had was sometimes the mouse settings would reset to default and I have no clue why that happens, That includes the rgb.

I have a few other small issues, but nothing bad. The coating picks up fingerprints very easily, and also when I scroll up on the scroll wheel, the mouse sounds a bit janky.
But those issues aren't bad, the only bad issue I'd say is the double click issue I had on mine.

Other than that shape is King! I still highly recommend this mouse.