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MVP Wireless

MVP Wireless

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Weight: 75g

Sensor: 3370 (1mm LOD).

Battery life: 64hrs* (with no rgb)

Switch: Kailh 4.0 on all buttons from m1-m5 (not DPI button)

Feet: 100% non-dyed, white PTFE feet

1000hz. USB charging cable, USB receiver. Software available. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Nike Y.
Gamesense MVP

It goes very well with Radar. A good mouse.

Graham Q.
Amazing mouse with a few issues

Everything about the mouse is perfect for me. Shape, weight, sensor, and the clicks are 10/10. But the mouse did have some issues.

My copy had double clicking issues, I raised the debounce which fixed the problem.

The second issue I had was sometimes the mouse settings would reset to default and I have no clue why that happens, That includes the rgb.

I have a few other small issues, but nothing bad. The coating picks up fingerprints very easily, and also when I scroll up on the scroll wheel, the mouse sounds a bit janky.
But those issues aren't bad, the only bad issue I'd say is the double click issue I had on mine.

Other than that shape is King! I still highly recommend this mouse.

Kanin M.
Review from Thailand

รูปทรงตัวเมาส์จับได้โอเคมาก ๆ เป็นทรงที่เข้ากับมือหลาย ๆ แบบ สวิชซ์กดสนุก แต่ไม่มีตัวขยายสัญญาณมาให้ คิดว่าตรงนี้คือจุดอ่อน

Adam B.
Amazing and fits well

I honestly love this mouse and its shape and feels very comfortable.

The delivery company basically stole my 1st mouse and gamesense replaced it for me. 10/10 from me and if they ever make any super slow pads, ill buy it quickly

Yoann R.
Great Mouse , but bad delivery

This Mouse is Amazing , the only down on the Mouse IS the fingerprint magnet coating , no QC issues at the moment , and zéro latency or performance problem , the rest is god tier , gamesense lose 1star for the delivery and the coating