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Weight: 75g

Sensor: 3370 (1mm LOD).

Battery life: 64hrs* (with no rgb)

Switch: Kailh 4.0 on all buttons from m1-m5 (not DPI button)

Feet: 100% non-dyed, white PTFE feet

1000hz. USB charging cable, USB receiver. Software available. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cameron G.
It's great, but

I have a few issues such as my scroll wheel squeaking and sometimes the RGB turns itself on and off. Other than that, it's really just nitpicking such as the material feels a bit off, but with grip tape I have made this my new secondary mouse!

Great shape for small to medium hands.

Shape is great for small to medium hands. Although being the WMO shape it is a bit smaller for my 21x11 hands. Clicks are great and feet feel good out the box (take off plastic). Coating isn't the best but does do the job. Do wish there was a 1:1 WMO but it's a great starting point. Would recommend this mouse for 18x10 and under.

juhyun l.
Awesome mouse

Fantastic shape, works great out of the box, no qc issue what so ever

Jackson R.M.
Great mouse

It’s a little bit too big for my hand but it’s very well built and I can still grip it pretty well. Still needs software though.

Adam B.
Gamesense MVP

I like to switch mice a lot but haven't switched since getting the MVP. clicks and skates are awesome. One of the best shapes I've used. I'm a big fan