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Weight: 65g

Sensor: 3389 (1mm LOD).

Cable: Strafecord, flexible and light

Switch: Kailh 4.0's on all buttons from m1-m5 (not DPI button)

Feet: 100% non-dyed, white PTFE feet

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
André S.

MVP Wired

Pai N.
Amazing shape and feeling

Loved the shape and how lightweight it is. I'd love to see a smaller version of it in the future! Also like how the mouseclick1 is not so easy to stumble into, you have to press it a bit harder. One thing I'd change is how easy it is to press the mouse3 while scrolling up. But 5 stars for sure

One of the best mice we've tested

Link to our review:

Because we are German reviewers the video is in German. Maybe YouTube translation can help ;-)
In short:
Low Clicklatency, excellent Sidebuttons, good wheel, perfect sensor, very low weight for it's size .
Build Quality could be a little bit better but for the low weight it's O.k., glides are O.K., Cable is O.K.


Feels like a modern legend!

I admit just like the other reviews it doesn't feel exactly like the original wmo, but rather a modern gaming mouse shaped like the wmo. It also internally feels thinner and hollower (not calling it cheap feeling) vs the original but still feels very solid and easy to flick. I personally have always loved the shape but could never find a modern version until now and I'm pretty content with my purchase!

Thomas B.
Excellent proof of concept, still needs work

Overall, very happy with the purchase, but I feel like the product still needs work. Mostly, I had the impression that this would be a WMO clone and not a mouse "inspired" by the WMO. The differences and lack of true feel in the hand of the WMO is unfortunate. I bought it for that exact reason, and to not have a true refresh is frustrating and disappointing because that's why I bought the product in the first place. Despite that major flaw, the mouse is still very nice.