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The Gamesense Rush provides the speed you're looking for. Micro adjustments will be effortless. Created for fast-paced gamers, the Rush will help you defeat multiple opponents in a short amount of time. Features include:

  • 500 x 500 x 3mm
  • Equal X/Y axis
  • Water + Humidity resistant
  • Double-stitched edges even with the pad
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Non-coated, durable surface

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carter S.


f'ing huge

this pad is the reason why im radiant

Jordan W.


Thomas L.
Much better than I expected

As someone who only has experience with control pads in the past, I bought this because I wanted to see how I would like a faster pad. I did not anticipate that I would like this pad as much as I do. It comes in a sturdy box with some cool art on it, lays perfectly flat when I put it on my desk, and the stitching is slightly raised but it does not bother me. As soon as I started using this pad, it felt great. My in game performance felt good and my tracking felt way better than it has before. Absolute 10/10 pad :3.

Henrik N.
Current favorite mousepad!

I've now used the pad for a few days, and I can say as of now, this is my favorite pad, it to me feels fairly similar to my previous main which was Artisan Hayate Otsu. The quality on the Rush is absolute on par with the Artisan, only thing for future pads IF possible is to get the stitching just a few bare milimeters more even with the pad. But cause of the size alone 500x500 is perfect. This should be a standard. Everyone who likes hybrid pads should try the rush, or they will miss out!